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Once upon a time...

a classically trained pianists just f*ckin' snapped and started singing dick jokes in comedy clubs...

Traci Kanaan The Princess of Parodies

About The Princess...

The self-proclaimed love child of Liza Minelli and Klinger, Traci Kanaan grew up in Berea, Ohio, a quiet middle class community on Cleveland’s west side. Her Italian mother loved opera, dance, and theater. Her lebanese father loved stock car racing, flea markets, and dirty jokes. Traci combined these influences to make a comedy yard sale, with music! You’ve seen it before, but not on display like this!

Traci started taking piano lessons at the age of four. Never one to play it the way it was written, she constantly improvised during her piano lessons by making up funny lyrics or changing the endings, ultimately burning out eight piano teachers before she graduated from high school.

Traci attended Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio, and grduated with a B.A. in Music and Business, and with minors in Music Composition, Electronic Music, and Piano Performance. For her senior recital, she composed all original music, performed by other students. Each piece reflected her sense of humor, including bras being pulled out of saxaphones, compositions performed on children’s toys,a nd the staged death of a performer – assassinated by a ping pong ball gun.

In 2002 and 2003, Traci performed in Tony and Tina’s Wedding as the eight months pregnant maid of honor, Connie Mocogni. She had so much fun, she continued performing stand up comedy and improv with some o f the comics she met in the show.

Traci continues her irreverence by creatively combining stand up comedy with her piano and vocal performances. She covers numerous topics including her life and family, pop culture, and current events. Her performances include a wide spectrum of muscial style including classical music, oldies, rock ‘n roll, country, and rap.

Whatever the occassion, Traci Kanaan combines her love of laughter and music as The Princess of Parodies. She is a real crowd pleaser and an unforgettable, hilariously funny novelty comedy act!


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The Princess at The Orleans in Las Vegas

POP at Hypnothoughts Live 2019  8-17-19
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